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Pregnancy confirmed!! We are so blessed to have two litters of mini babies coming just in time for the holidays!! What could be more perfect for Christmas? Our rendezvous with Copper and Minnie as well as Copper and Ruby have these babies expected by November 30th. Size will range from 14-24lbs and 10-16 “ in all colors with beautiful fleece, non shedding and allergy friendly coats.

These ladies are exceptional example of the Australian Cobberdog (known as the Australian Labradoodle in the U.S) and our stud muffin Copper is perfection is such a small package!

Take home is mid-January so put that puppy basket with pictures of your new family member under the tree and this year give the best gift ever.

Check out pictures of their previous litter:

Minnie + Copper (2015)

Visit the parents: Copper * Minnie * Ruby

AussiDog specializes in mini-medium Australian Cobberdogs in colors of apricot, red, cream, chocolate, black, gold and extremely rare blue and parchment colors. All our breeding dogs are carefully selected for their health history, temperament and Australian lines. Each litter lives in our home and receives much love and socialization with kids, adults and other dogs. Our breeding dogs are also in our home or a loving guardian home, again carefully selected by us to raise a happy, healthy, and well mannered family pet. Feel free to call or email with questions. When you're ready click here to reserve your new family addition today.




So what is an Australian Labradoodle?
The Labradoodle, originated in Australia by The Guide Dog Association of Australia, when the association received a enquiry from a blind lady in Hawaii requesting a guide dog that would not aggravate allergies or asthma. Mr. Wally Conron was the driving force behind this program. After years of research, the Australian lines from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor are brilliantly developed. They have developed Labradoodles that are consistent in gentle temperaments, allergy/asthma friendly, non shedding coats and wonderful intelligence. These are the qualities we want in our dogs. We have benefited from their incredible knowledge and expertise, and are honored to continue this incredible line! The Australian Labradoodle is a fun loving, quiet, calm yet comical, loving companion for families as well as a fantastic service animal, being easily trainable, loyal and intelligent.

History and evolution of the Cobberdog
The Australian Cobberdog was developed by garnering proven bloodlines of the authentic Australian Labradoodle and adding additional carefully selected Pure Breeds chosen for their ability to genetically strengthen unique traits and characteristics.

No Pure Breed registry in the world would accept any breed with the name 'Labradoodle' in it, because it had become so confusing with other dogs the share the same name yet none of the characteristics that make this breed so special.   After collaboration with a handful of breeders dedicated to reviving the traits and characteristics, the new evolving breed was named the Australian Cobberdog; a fitting link with the country of origin, as in Australia a 'cobber' is your best buddy and soulmate.

The Wiktionary definition of the word 'Cobber' in Australia is of a pal, buddy, mate, friend. So with its origin and roots firmly planted in Australia, the Australian Cobberdog came into official being when its parent club - The Australian and International Australian Cobberdog Club (AIACC) was established in 2012. In January 2012  global Pure Dog Breed Registry the MDBA, accepted a submission to register the newly evolving breed as a Pure Breed in Development - but with a proviso that the words 'Labradoodle' or 'Australian Labradoodle' not be used in its name due to the mayhem and widespread inconsistency and confusion surrounding the names.  The Australian Cobberdog continues to be carefully and selectively bred to be a non shedding, allergy friendly dog with the high intelligence, rare intuition, sweet and gentle nature and easy trainability, to provide the ultimate Service Dog, Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog and Medical Alert Dog to people who suffer from dog-related allergies.  A goofy clown like nature and an obvious delight in making human beings laugh rounds off a dog difficult to adequately describe, but impossible to forget once experienced in person.

The same traits which make the Australian Cobberdog a spectacular Assistance or Therapy Dog also make it an ideal family dog which is gentle with the youngest children or other pets, and shows no aggression. The Australian Cobberdog comes in three sizes: Miniature, Medium and Standard and in a rainbow of different colours. The conformation of the Australian Cobberdog must at all times reflect its graceful athleticism, effortless ease of movement and structural soundness. It's robust health and form to function should never be sacrificed for any reason. The non shedding, allergy friendly Australian Cobberdog is used extensively in a number of countries across the world in the capacities for which it was originally created and developed.

Only dogs registered with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) may be legally represented as registered Australian Cobberdogs. AussiDOG is proud to help your family bring home a pure bred authentic Australian Cobberdog. 

Popularity of the Labradoodle
Because of their superb characteristics Labradoodles have become increasingly well known in recent years. The Oxford English Dictionary now lists "Labradoodle" as a new word, and Monopoly board game included a Labradoodle icon in its "Here and Now" Edition. Their popularity has been used to good effect, with New York department store Lord and Taylor raising $50,000 in 2004 and $55,000 in 2005 for Guiding Eyes for the Blind selling Labradoodle plush toys, and Macy's department store raising funds with plush Labradoodles "Grace" and "Courage" for Breast Cancer Awareness in 2006. An animated soft toy Labradoodle, "Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup", was also the 2006 "Toy of the Year" and an Oppenheim Platinum Toy Award winner.

The Labradoodle in popular culture
  • In 2005 the Oxford English Dictionary first listed the word "Labradoodle" ]
  • Australian actor Bryan Brown played a Labradoodle in the 2008 movie, "Dean Spanley".]
  • Barack Obama announced in January 2009 that his family had narrowed down their choice for "first dog" to either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD).] (They were subsequently given a PWD puppy, who they named "Bo", by the late Senator Edward Kennedy).
  • In an interview given to The Australian in April 2010, Wally Conron said he regretted creating the Labradoodle, as he believes their popularity has negatively affected the demand for pedigree dog breeds, and led to the introduction of other "designer" dog types]
Notable Labradoodle owners

Only settle for the best
Australian does make a difference.  Be sure to settle for nothing less than an Australian Cobberdog, bred for decades to consistently produce high quality and predictable companions. Cobberdogs seldom need a bath and are naturally blessed to not have that "doggie" smell. Their fleece is almost resistant to dirt. The more you bathe your Cobberdog the less natural oils will be in their coat. 

See Cobberdog Care for grooming information.

Shedding and allergies should be expected with an early generation dog.  If you have these concerns an early generation Cobberdog should not be your first choice.


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